Monday, December 13, 2010

Dis be offensive?

I am reliably informed by various corners of the media universe that this commercial for Duncan Hines is offensive to African-Americans.

White advertising executives cannot --
repeat CANNOT -- have fun with the old saw that black folk got soul, but white boy don't. Only African-Americans may stereotype white people as being off-key, uncoordinated musical buffoons.

Therefore, we find racism in the sepia-toned hip-hop cupcakes. Therefore, Duncan Hines has taken the ads off the ol' TV plantation -- and
YouTube, too -- because someone, somewhere may have been offended.

UNFORTUNATELY, this did not happen back in 1980, when African-American actors were prompted by the white advertising establishment to do national ads in which they expressed their longing for an unattainable whiteness of being.

kiddos, white cake is the best. You don't need to be pollutin' it with no chocolate frosting.

AND WHERE were the forces of political correctness two decades before that, when the racists at Duncan Hines were putting ads on grampaw's 1960 Motorola pointing out that their chocolate came from the "chocolate trees" in deepest, darkest Africa, and that what you did with that African chocolate was make devil's food cakes.

Africa + chocolate = the cake favored by the prince of darkness.
Get it?

An absolute hate crime.

And don't even get me started on Aunt Jemima.

THANK GOODNESS someone in the African-American grassroots has stood up to combat pernicious demeaning stereotypes of blacks in American marketing.

It's about time.

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