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Monday, November 15, 2010

Lou Holtz, you've just been Favre'd!

Via Deadspin, this YouTube vid of Lou Holtz being an a-hole -- and picking on the girls, to boot -- back when he was at South Carolina.

Look at Dr. Jekyll's Mr. Hyde here, and realize that he was making a young intern cry just because he had to wait five minutes instead of one minute, like he'd been told.

So much for Mr. Nice Guy.
St. Lou, as it were.

What amazes me is how, the more big-shotty people become, the more dumbassy they become, too. You would think that if you absolutely, positively had to act like a Richard
(Hey, this is a fambly blog, of sorts.) you'd have enough sense not to do it in front of a TV camera.

You'd think you'd realize that someone, somewhere was rolling the videotape.

But, no. Which just goes to show you, we've always had Facebook. It's just that we used to call it television, and you generally had to be a high-profile a-hole to be exposed to the world as one.


Have fun, Coach. Somewhere in South Carolina, "theREALpeto" is proving the axiom that revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold.