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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Olbermann heads to Caffeine Dreams

This just in on the latest career move by former left-wing MSNBC flamethrower Keith Olbermann. No, not the Current TV gig . . . the next one:

Feb. 27, 2013

OMAHA -- Firebrand cable-TV personality Keith Olbermann today announced to passing traffic on a frigid street corner in this Midwestern city that he will stage yet another media comeback next week, thumbtacking typewritten "special comment" fliers to the bulletin board at a popular coffee shop.

The former
Current TV host and longtime liberal icon said his latest basic-cable falling out was a "blessing in disguise" which would allow him to explore "the postmodern, anticontextual steam-punk alternative-media scene" at Caffeine Dreams, 4524 Farnam St.

Making an obscene gesture at a pickup truck sporting a red, white and blue "God's Own Party" bumper sticker, Olbermann said he expected to schedule his post-technological postings for Wednesdays at 10:35 a.m. -- give or take 20 minutes, depending on whether the No. 2 Metro bus makes it to the 46th and Dodge bus stop on time. The midmorning commentaries are to coincide with the onetime opinion-maker's weekly triple brevé with an extra espresso shot and fat-free half-and-half.

Olbermann exited Current unexpectedly three months ago, after calling former Vice-President Al Gore, founder of the cable channel, a "poorly-endowed, fat-ass, proto-Republican enviro-phony whose inconvenient truth, alas, was that he wasn't man enough for a fine side of Tennessee ham like Tipper." Gore immediately dismissed the outspoken TV personality after having his Secret Service detail brand "AM NOT NEITHER" on Olbermann's forehead.

That led to a monthslong disappearance for the TV talker, who previously, according to one former colleague, "napalmed his bridges" at CNN, ESPN and MSNBC before landing at Current TV in February 2011. At the time, cable-TV analysts were optimistic that Olbermann easily would be able to increase the channel's viewership a thousandfold, to a daily audience of roughly 30,000.

Those predictions turned out to be wildly overstated, and tensions between Olbermann and Gore mounted proportionately with Current's ratings disappointments.

Olbermann turned up at the Omaha Greyhound station a week ago, paying various transients a dollar to tell their "homies," as the fading TV star put it, about his post-mass media comeback on the Caffeine Dreams bulletin board.

When contacted by a reporter, a coffee-shop barista said she thought it would be all right if Olbermann posted his special comments on the bulletin board, so long as the owner OK'd it and it didn't keep customers from getting to the self-serve café Americano carafes.