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Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Bubba Gump Crack Co.

Mark my words, this will end up as one of Jay Leno's "Stupid Criminal" bits on the Tonight Show.

THE GRET STET of Louisiana may not have more stupid people than anywhere else, but you have to admit it gets the most out of the ones it has. As this little gem in The (Baton Rouge) Advocate illustrates:
Deputies arrested a Hammond man Friday after he allegedly called to report that someone stole the drugs he was selling, the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office reported.

Cedrick Riley Sr., 23, 42336 E. Pleasant Hill Road Extension, told deputies that he was trying to sell drugs when his would-be customers hit him across the head with a gun, tied him up and robbed him of his illicit merchandise near a gas station on University Avenue and Puma Drive in Hammond, said a statement from the Sheriff’s Office.
LAW, I DO DECLARE that this reads like a tale from an alternate universe in which Bubba doesn't get blowed up in the jungles of Vietnam, Forrest doesn't win the Medal of Honor, and they go home to Alabama and embark on a life of crime . . . not shrimping.

Stupid is as stupid does.