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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Locked and loaded for the news

This has New Orleans written all over it. "This" being a look back at one of the most creative, entertaining and notorious radio news operations ever to hit the amplitude-modulated airwaves "back there then."

ONLY THING IS, this was in Detroit. Or, more precisely, in Windsor, Ontario, at the Big 8, CKLW . . . the Top-40 blowtorch of the Motor City, where nobody tuned out when 20/20 News came on at 20 till and 20 past the hour.

And since it seems that New Orleans is the New Detroit -- particularly in deadly mayhem -- it just may be that the Crescent City is a 20/20 News kind of town.

I can't say I approve of the wild and woolly 20/20 ethos -- though I will admit to being greatly entertained by it, in a guilty sort of manner -- but I will say that if a New Orleans radio station tried it today in K-Ville, it just might make money as fast as Murdertown's blood-stained purveyors of rigor mortis crank out fresh corpses for the coroner's cadaver-stackin' toe-tag team.

Just ahead of much more music on Revolution 21, I'm the Mighty Favog . . . 20/20 News.

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