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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Does Planned Parenthood sell blog condoms?

Kyle Michaelis over at the New Nebraska Network blog is upset that some Nebraska and Iowa Republican congressmen are upset over an explicit Planned Parenthood website aimed at teen-agers.

And he's doubly upset that the Omaha World-Herald, in reporting the story, didn't name the site --
Yesterday's Omaha World-Herald included a cheap attack on a sexual education website for teenagers run by Planned Parenthood. Probably the worst thing about the front-page article - other than the complete idiocy, opportunism, and childishness of Nebraska's Republican Congressmen - is that the World-Herald never even gave the name of the website or published its internet address so readers could judge it for themselves.
IT'S PRETTY BASIC JOURNALISM to name what you're talking about, so you won't find me defending the silly refusal to identify Facts are facts, and newspapers ought not be in the business of deleting one of the "five W's" -- who, what, when, where, why -- because an editor was prone to the vapors.

But neither am I a fan of knee-jerk "progressives" who never miss an opportunity to further an unreflective party line by slinging intolerant invective in the name of "tolerance." Like
this, for example:
The site in question is It's a shame the World-Herald would allow the site to be insulted like this without even giving it a name and listing its address. But, then those few young people who read the World-Herald might actually be able to get some real information about safe and responsible sexual health. Of course, we wouldn't want that.


The facts - and the website - speak for themselves. Rather than listening to those, the World-Herald listened to four jackass Republican Congressmen who are desperate for some good press and resorting to cheap shots at an easy target.

As for Terry, Fortenberry, and Smith - and their even more contemptible counterpart from Iowa - their attack on this website and their continued support for this failed experiment in abstinence-only education are simply unforgivable.

They are pandering to the far right-wing, embracing ignorance that is killing Nebraska teenagers. There is no justice for a crime and a sin so ugly and reprehensible - at least, not in this lifetime.
WHAT? NO SLURS against the Catholic Church while he was at it? No obligatory "Get your rosaries off women's ovaries" mantra?

Then again, if you're so far over the top that you're shrieking about "embracing ignorance that is killing Nebraska teenagers" and "no justice for a crime and sin so ugly and reprehensible," a little gratuitous Papist bashing would just be anticlimactic.

But I am curious about something.

If there's "no justice" for the "crime and sin" (yadda yadda yadda) of "pandering" to GOP congressmen upset over an explicit and tacky website aimed at teens, how, then, are we to view a group that's willing to earmark donations specifically for ridding the world of African-Americans?

I think two words would describe such a group -- "racist" and "genocidal." Come to think of it, two more words would describe such a group . . . "Planned Parenthood." You know, the people the New Nebraska Network seems to be so fond of.

Watch these videos produced by The Advocate, a magazine published by a pro-life student group at UCLA, and be horrified. Unless, of course, you're Kyle Michaelis.