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Friday, September 03, 2010

When a D+ equals an epic fail

ever hire a design firm from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to do an important job.

And remember from this Associated Press story, children, that the only possible PR spin for an Iowa-sized screw-up is "Boy! Are we dumb or what? We must have signed off on this before we went into rehab for our meth addiction."

Leaders at the Des Moines school say regardless of how people react, they are reacting and that's what they wanted to accomplish.The Des Moines Register reported Friday that Drake hired [a] Cedar Rapids-based company to help develop the new "Drake Advantage" recruitment campaign. The university recently unveiled it to prospective students through brochures and its website.

Drake spokesman Tom Delahunt says while the "D+" comes across as a grade at first glance, it's meant to represent all the opportunities Drake offers students.

YEAH, that's the ticket. Opportunities. Right.