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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

See, I have this antique juicer. . . .

And when you're done, you'll also have a bowl of smashed apples.

What to do with your apple remains? Well, get you some of this kind of bread -- "multigrain sandwich thins" they're called.

See? Nice and thin. This will be important.

Because when you toast them, they get nice and crispy. And they won't get soggy when . . .

. . . you slather them with honey and cinnamon . . .

. . . and dump all your smashed apples on there.

You'll also want to add some cheddar cheese. And next time I do this, I'll drizzle some of the apple juice over the whole thing to make it more moist.

Finally, you want to throw it in the microwave to thoroughly melt the cheese and get your instant "pies" piping hot. That's where the toasted sandwich thins staying crispy comes in -- they won't get all soggy after being microwaved.

And there you go. A taste sensation.

No need to thank me, The Anachronistic Chef.