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Friday, August 10, 2012

Mad Hatter don't care

Honey Badger takes what he wants.

In the end, a source says, that's why LSU football Coach Les Miles did what he had to. To get to the point . . . why do you think they call it dope?

And when that's the problem (allegedly), and when the star Tiger defensive back already had a suspension on his permanent record for synthetic marijuana, Mad Hatter don't care. Tyrann Mathieu's off the team, national-championship consequences be damned.

Some things are more important than college football . Miles knows that, and that's why you ultimately have to love the guy. He's putting his own multimillion-dollar butt on the line to make the point that rules are rules -- and it's not the first time the Mad Hatter's done it.

ASK Ryan Perriloux . . . him and legions of LSU fans who spent several years apoplectic about the quarterback chaos that principled hammer drop set in motion.

Verily, there is no stupider creature than an under-25 male. Double that for certain big-time college jocks, amo
ng whom Matthieu now stands as Exhibit A.

Here's what the New Orleans Times-Picayune is reporting:
The Honey Badger's days at LSU are done. The Tiger's All American cornerback and Heisman finalist Tyrann Mathieu has been dismissed from the team because of a failed drug test, a source close to Mathieu said Friday.

LSU Coach Les Miles made the announcement of the dismissal at a hastily called noon press conference, but he would not elaborate on the nature of the infraction.

"This is a very difficult day for our team," Miles said. "We lose a quality person, teammate and contributor to the program. However, with that being said, we have a standard that our players are held to and when that standard is not met, there are consequences.

"It's hard because we all love Tyrann. We will do what we can as coaches, teammates, and friends to get him on a path where he can have success. We are going to miss him."


Miles declined to elaborate what the violation was other than team and school policies. He said he felt Mathieu still had a chance to rectify the matter personally.

"We have a simple policy here of behavior," Miles said. "Consequences are pretty (well) spelled out and defined. We did what we could do but Tyrann is no longer on our team. He violated team policies.

"For Ty, it's an opportunity for him to redirect. He's still got a bright future. I think he can reeally accomplish all the goals he set for himself. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be doable."
DOING the right thing is its own reward. The Tigers' infamously insane fan base might have to keep repeating that one this season.

It's a nostrum that's as true as it is facile, but that doesn't always make it any easier to swallow -- particularly if your priorities aren't as apparently in order as Miles' seem to be.

Geaux Tigers.

Monday, February 18, 2008

It's college, not 'The Longest Yard'

Louisiana State quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has used up his three strikes . . . and his four downs, too.

And the famously troublesome football phenom has been sent to solitary again.

Unfortunately for all, this is not "The Longest Yard." This is a state university. And Perrilloux's act got real old a real long time ago, as is obvious from this Associated Press story:
LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux has been suspended indefinitely for violating team rules, coach Les Miles said Monday in a news release.

Miles said Perrilloux's status for spring practice, which starts Feb. 29, is uncertain.

The release did not detail the rule or rules broken and it was unclear how the suspension would affect Perrilloux's future with the team. He has been widely considered the favorite to succeed Matt Flynn as first-string quarterback after leading LSU to two victories as a starter - including the Southeastern Conference championship game - when Flynn was injured in the 2007 season.


In May of 2007 he was suspended from the team indefinitely after he was cited for trying to illegally get on a riverboat casino in Baton Rouge by using his older brother's driver's license. He was reinstated in August.

In October, the week before the Alabama game, he was barred from practice for his role in a nightclub brawl.

Earlier in 2007, Perrilloux was named as a "person of interest" in a federal counterfeiting investigation, but that probe never led to charges.
THAT'S IT. Done dealin'. Les Miles doesn't need any more of Ryan Perrilloux's attitude or his inability to work and play well with others.

And, frankly, neither does the university (and its reputation) nor do Tiger fans (and their digestive tracks).

Show the little jerk the door, and give his scholarship to a quarterback who might actually appreciate it . . . and the chance at a free college education.