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Friday, February 20, 2009

Hoss Allen and The !!!! Beat

Here's a rarity for you -- the great Louis Jordan on The !!!! Beat in 1966, with the great Bill "Hoss" Allen as your host.

Hoss Allen, of course, was one of the legendary disc jockeys on WLAC radio in Nashville, the station Southern kids -- and Yankee ones, too -- tuned in late at night to get a heapin' helpin of the R&B and soul being pumped out on its 50,000 pulsating watts. I wonder how many kids turned on Hoss' short-lived, exclamation point-filled TV show only to be shocked to see a white man on the 21-inch screen.

JUST LIKE John Richbourg, the WLAC great better known as "John R."

Want a taste of WLAC back in the day? Go no further than this recording of Richbourg's show from sometime in the early 1970s. Good times.

And . . . you're welcome.

God, radio was great once. It's too easy to forget that nowadays.