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Thursday, March 12, 2015

One standard or two? We report; you decide.

It had to happen.

Protesters took to the street outside the Dallas home of the N-word spewing SAE frat boys at Oklahoma, chanting slogans and, according to one neighbor, accusing the entire neighborhood of being a hotbed of racism.

Accompanying the protest were a couple dozen reporters and several cops. From CBS News:

Dozens of protesters took to the street in front of the home of a former University of Oklahoma student and fraternity member who was shown in a video leading a racist chant aboard a bus.

Dozens of demonstrators Wednesday evening marched up and down the North Dallas residential street in front of the home of Parker Rice. Watching them were about two dozen news media representatives and six police officers.

The protesters chanted, "Racism is taught," and, "Racism is a choice."

CBS Dallas reported that the group, Next Generation Action Network, says Rice and Highland Park-graduate Levi Pettit, another SAE member seen in the OU video and now also expelled from the university, made a bold statement that was caught on tape and now it time for protesters to make theirs.

Their numbers didn't pack the street, but their message was heard loud and clear. "This is what democracy looks like," they chanted. "Teach your kids another way, no modern day KKK!"
THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Is this Dallas protest proper, or is it harassment -- the creating of the same sort of "hostile environment" that University of Oklahoma officials alleged in kicking two (so far) Sigma Alpha Epsilon members out of school.

Would your answer to the question change if this were a bunch of anti-abortion protesters marching in the street outside the home of an abortionist? If so, why?

"Because one is bad and the other is good" is not an acceptable answer -- not before the law and not in today's morally relativistic philosophical soup, in which your "truth" may not be others' "truth."

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Muffy hearts Fiddy

I have never been prouder to be a GDI than I am right now.

We LSU students always knew them Bammer women were a little . . . well, you know. I mean . . . "go Greek"?

Velma and Billy Sol in Decatur just might be correct in askin' what the hell kind of Sodom and Gomorrah they's a-runnin' down yonder in Tuscaloosa.

HAT TIP: @LisaHorne via Twitter.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Geaux Tigers! (thud)

No, they weren't making that s*** up. At least not when they made Animal House in the late '70s.

Welcome to a slice of Louisiana State University as it was when I attended there. As a matter of fact The Real Animal House (above) was filmed there when I was a freshman. And the film didn't touch on half of the stories we heard about Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity -- the Dekes.

There was the time the Dekes got stiffed by a sorority for a formal, and then they sent over boxes of doughnuts, and. . . . No, can't tell that one.

And then, one time the Dekes. . . .
No, can't tell that one either.

But there was the one thing about the deaf school and transistor radios. And the "generic" homecoming display for one
(among many) of Jerry Stovall's lesser products as LSU football coach. I think that one got them on probation.

The only thing you have to know about your Mighty Favog, though, is that he considered all this pretty normal. Back in the day.