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Saturday, July 05, 2014

So much better without the Hellfire missiles

So . . . what does one see after flying a drone tricked out with a GoPro camera into a fireworks display?


"This" would be pure awesomeness, as captured by videographer Jos Stiglingh in West Palm Beach, Fla., some time back. Watch in high definition and full screen; you won't be sorry you did.

And, for the record, how did he not get his drone blowed up good? That would have been bad.

HAT TIP: New York Daily News.

July 3, Omaha, Nebraska

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Before, during, after

Here's the scene before Omaha's annual Independence Day fireworks show Saturday night at TD Ameritrade Park.

And here's what it looked like during the show.

Yep, still going.

Yep, still going. It's a big, big show.

And we all go home afterward. Happy
Fourth of July weekend, America.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The philosopher cop . . . who knew?

Over at BaRou is the New Bklyn, blogger Colleen Kane tells the story of celebrating the Fourth of July in a foreign land.

Sort of.

COLLEEN DESCRIBES how she and her festive crew -- in a city where everybody else already was engaging in a little celebratory "shock and awe" -- were trying to be considerate by shooting off their illegal (wink wink, nudge nudge) pyrotechnics on the wide-open expanse of the athletic field at Baton Rouge High.

Everything was fine, everybody was having a good time . . . but then something happened. Enter Barney Fife: Philosopher Cop.
The cop asked us our ages and where we were from. "You're too old for this," he said, looking about half as amused as we were. Miraculously none of us laughed when he said, "Maybe they do stupid things in Brooklyn, but here in Baton Rouge, we don't do stupid things." In addition, he informed us this wasn't a rural area where you can shoot off fireworks anywhere, and that was a historic school right over there that we were endangering.
MISS KANE and her cohorts have more self-control than I do. I would have asked the cop -- amid gales of doubled-over, gasping-for-breath, gut-busting laughter -- how the hell, then, did he explain the Metropolitan Council and the School Board. And I would have been arrested.

"Maybe they do stupid things in Brooklyn, but here in Baton Rouge, we don't do stupid things."

No, cops just say stupid things in an attempt to get the rest of us to adopt a new Unifying Theory of Louisiana.