Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The city that forgot to care

If New Orleans were a dog, the humane society might classify it as unadoptable.

We all know what happens to all the poor dogs that are too sick, too crippled or too mean to be adopted out, don't we?

New Orleans
, look on the rest of America (such as it is) as the dog catcher, and be afraid. Be very afraid.

You, too, Louisiana.

The United States of Tea Party America is no longer a no-kill shelter. In fact, it's no longer a shelter at all. And what goes around for the poor strays of the Crescent City, just may come around for a people too uneducated, unemployable, unruly and ungovernable to be adopted.

WWL television reports
The Louisiana SPCA started discontinuing animal control services for the city of New Orleans Monday, and the group now says they'll stop taking strays from the public on Friday.

It's the latest in a controversial battle over how the city will provide animal control services without their 60-year partners.

From animals surrendered by their owners to strays to abused animals to animals that have bitten someone, the Louisiana SPCA has taken them all, unable to turn any away because of the group's contract with the city of New Orleans.

“Since October, we've had 500 stray animals brought to the shelter by the public,” said LA-SPCA Communications Director Katherine LeBlanc.

In October, the SPCA stopped going out to retrieve strays, saying the city stopped funding animal control.

But since they decided not to submit a proposal to the city to continue the contract for $300,000 less then they had wanted, the SPCA will now stop taking strays all together.

“We asked the city if they would like for us to extend our services through January, the end of January, in order to assist in that transition period. We have not heard back from the city about that transition period,” LeBlanc said.
REMEMBER, boys and girls, fat, drunk and ungovernable is no way to go through life. In fact, it's sure to be the death of you.

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