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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The city that forgot to care

If New Orleans were a dog, the humane society might classify it as unadoptable.

We all know what happens to all the poor dogs that are too sick, too crippled or too mean to be adopted out, don't we?

New Orleans
, look on the rest of America (such as it is) as the dog catcher, and be afraid. Be very afraid.

You, too, Louisiana.

The United States of Tea Party America is no longer a no-kill shelter. In fact, it's no longer a shelter at all. And what goes around for the poor strays of the Crescent City, just may come around for a people too uneducated, unemployable, unruly and ungovernable to be adopted.

WWL television reports
The Louisiana SPCA started discontinuing animal control services for the city of New Orleans Monday, and the group now says they'll stop taking strays from the public on Friday.

It's the latest in a controversial battle over how the city will provide animal control services without their 60-year partners.

From animals surrendered by their owners to strays to abused animals to animals that have bitten someone, the Louisiana SPCA has taken them all, unable to turn any away because of the group's contract with the city of New Orleans.

“Since October, we've had 500 stray animals brought to the shelter by the public,” said LA-SPCA Communications Director Katherine LeBlanc.

In October, the SPCA stopped going out to retrieve strays, saying the city stopped funding animal control.

But since they decided not to submit a proposal to the city to continue the contract for $300,000 less then they had wanted, the SPCA will now stop taking strays all together.

“We asked the city if they would like for us to extend our services through January, the end of January, in order to assist in that transition period. We have not heard back from the city about that transition period,” LeBlanc said.
REMEMBER, boys and girls, fat, drunk and ungovernable is no way to go through life. In fact, it's sure to be the death of you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Save the groundhogs!

What's shocking isn't that PETA wants to safeguard Punxsutawney Phil by replacing him with a robotic Groundhog Day prognosticator.

What's shocking is that the press takes seriously claims that the little fellow is not, and never has been, mistreated at the annual celebration. No, the go-along-to-get-along mainstream media is all too quick to take seriously the "debunkers" of claims by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

AND WHAT you get is bunkum like this from Reuters:
Should America's most famous groundhog be replaced with a robot? Organizers of the annual Groundhog Day celebration don't think so.

Animal-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called for the move to spare Punxsutawney Phil, who makes a "prognostication" on the length of winter, the glare of the spotlight when he emerges from his burrow.

"It's very ridiculous," said Bill Deeley, president of the Groundhog Club, which runs the event in western Pennsylvania.

But PETA says the dawn ceremony, which is attended by as many as 40,000 people, can be traumatizing for the groundhog that would normally be hibernating at this time of year.

"Groundhogs are typically shy animals and are likely to feel fear and stress when they are out of their burrows," PETA said in a statement. "Each year on Feb 2, Punxsutawney Phil is trotted out to face human handling and hundreds of noisy people, flashing lights and cameras."

But Deeley disagreed, saying groundhogs may be done hibernating and starting to emerge from their burrows to begin the mating season.

Deeley also defended the club against charges of mistreating Phil, saying he gets an annual medical checkup and lives in a zoo enclosure that is air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

YEAH, I'm sure the pickup Phil Connors used in 1993 to catapult a Phil to his fiery death at the bottom of a quarry was nice and warm. Really warm.

Who, then, is unserious here -- PETA or its sneering critics?

After all, it's not like any of this foofarah about the right of groundhogs not to be bothered is one scintilla as crazy as some Jesus-jumper quarterback and his mama making a Super Bowl ad attacking the absolute right of women to eradicate the little humans in their wombs.

Thankfully, however, we Americans are a serious people, fully capable of keeping our priorities straight.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

No safe place to be a monkey's uncle

I suppose it's no great surprise -- in a state that only last year outlawed cockfighting and has a spotty record in how actual human beings fare -- Louisiana's second-largest university runs a primate-research center where staff is accused of routinely torturing and brutalizing apes.

No surprise at all. It is the great irony of Louisiana that those who inhabit such a richly blessed swath of Creation have such a reputation for squandering the resources, both environmental and human, God has bequeathed them.

When a state sits at the bottom of most of the "good" lists chronicling the American condition and atop most of the "bad" ones -- when a state has so much difficulty keeping its own educated, healthy, out of poverty and out of jail -- why, then, ought we expect one of its research universities to treat God's lesser creatures humanely.

WHEN THIS is where Louisianians are content to send the best and brightest of their own children . . .

. . . WHAT CHANCE has a mere monkey or chimpanzee?

Not much, as the Humane Society of the United States found out in an undercover investigation of a research facility run by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, reported on and independently verified by ABC's Nightline:
"Nightline" obtained the results of a nine-month undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States. A Humane Society investigator took a hidden camera inside the New Iberia Research Center for most of 2008. The video shows what the Society says is the way monkeys and great apes are treated behind closed doors.

The New Iberia Research Center is a public facility, and its research includes contract work for pharmaceutical companies and hepatitis studies. The lab receives millions in public funding but limited public scrutiny.

"Facilities are very secretive in general," said the investigator, who asked to remain anonymous because of the investigation. "It's hard to get a lot of good information out of what really goes on. You rarely see images other than what is kind of posted on the Web sites. Going undercover in a place is the only way you'll see what's the truth."

The Humane Society investigator told ABC News that chimpanzees, often perched several feet off the ground, are shot with sedation guns, with little regard for their safety. The video shows chimps crashing to the floor.

"The sedated chimp would be sort of rocking slowly on the perch, then, out of nowhere, they just smack to the floor," the investigator said. "It was horrific to watch and to hear."

The Humane Society investigator who gained access as an employee shot video of a lab worker striking a restrained monkey's teeth three times with a pipe. The investigator says the employee wanted the monkey to open its mouth.

"The man is sort of threatening him [the monkey] with this pole and smacking his teeth at the same time," the investigator said, describing the video.

Another piece of video shows a lab employee hitting an infant monkey in the head and swearing when the monkey bites at her finger.

In response to "Nightline's" repeated requests for an interview, the University of Louisiana, which houses the New Iberia Research Center, issued a statement to ABC News, which said in part:

"The university takes very seriously the New Iberia Research Center's responsibility to care for the animals housed at the center. The highly qualified and experienced staff veterinarians responsible for the care of these animals are extremely dedicated and respond aggressively to reports of potential animal abuse," wrote Dr. Joseph Savoie, president of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. "We have a clearly stated and direct no tolerance policy when the welfare of any animal in our care is threatened, and we will continue to strictly enforce that policy."

The Federal Animal Welfare Act, the law designed to protect these primates, requires labs to ensure that procedures avoid or minimize distress or pain. The law also requires that animals be handled with proper care.
LOUISIANA HAS a great many laws and policies proscribing a great many things. Always has. The catch, however, has been twofold -- obeying the law, and then enforcing the law.

Again, if this is what top high-school students in the state's capital have been expected to endure for years, to think that Louisiana officialdom really gives a baboon's butt about captive apes is just begging them to make a monkey out of you.

And we know how monkeys fare in the Gret Stet.

Bless the beasts and the children, indeed.