Monday, July 27, 2009

'Patriots' ain't what they used to be

If you know how to use a web browser, you've probably seen the appeals -- usually with large parts WRITTEN LIKE THIS!!!!!! -- to individual choice, freedom and the memory of the Founding Fathers.

This is a sure sign, like yellowing foliage and the first nip in the air are harbingers of autumn, that the Great Conservative Freakout continues at no petty pace.

Another sure sign is the appearence of hateful and racist "artwork" passed off as satire or humor, and scores of people who can't see that dreck such as sits atop this post is neither.

As near as I can tell from reading the Internet as one might read the autumn leaves, it seems that one Barack HUSSEIN Obama (who apparently has usurped the presidency of the United States despite being a Socialist Kenyan national) is trying to shove some Liberal Communist -- as opposed to Libertarian Communist -- scheme called ObamaCare down the throats of Real Americans (TM). This will, in turn, transform America into a socialist police state, and road signs will be only in Spanish and Swahili.

THE RUN UP to ObamaCare already has been marked by police repression of Patriotic Americans (TM), who merely have been exercising their constitutional rights to overrun photo ops in favor of Communist Socialism and turn them into shouting matches.

The Liberal Mainstream Media have been trying to tilt public opinion against Pro-Capitalism Patriots (TM) by pointing out that the defenders of "health-care choice" actually spent a lot more time
demanding to see the president's birth certificate than they did defending the Americanness of U.S. medicine.

One "Tea Party" member in Baton Rouge, La., has countered the socialist tendencies of The Advocate by posting a YouTube video of What Really Happened (TM), which excises all the day's events except for pro-Obama black people looking displeased and black Baton Rouge cops telling white Patriotic Americans they can't do stuff.

"HELP! HELP! I'm being repressed!"

Of course, if you try to "have a civil conversation" about health care with many of these pro-freedom fighters of ObamaCare -- that is, if you're not on a Tea Partier's web video -- expect to be shouted down, accused of being a socialist, called an idiot and be told to go to Europe with all the other pinko commie libs.

Happened to me on Facebook, and I think the Democratic health-care plans in Congress are a Rube Goldbergian mess. My mistake, however, was suggesting that the United States might want to look at the health-care system ranked as the world's best -- France's -- and set about trying to adapt it to our circumstances.

Little did I know that the World Health Organization is just another communist plot -- and out to destroy American capitalism. That's what I get for being an "idiot."

I suppose it's my idiocy that causes me to see the irony of a bunch of people who used to carp and whine about lefties' "Bush Derangement Syndrome" doubling and trebling the fear and loathing once the Democrat Obama took office.

And Obama hasn't even committed a war crime yet. Oh, wait. . . that's apparently part of his problem.

APPARENTLY, what passes for "patriotic Americans" today is a bunch of really, really angry people -- formerly angry at other angry people -- who have let their anger so take control of their hearts and minds that they're half a step away from becoming a lynch mob.

We have faced such phenomena at various other times in our history, and I don't think those instances ever ended particularly well.

The night of Nov. 22, 1963, NBC's Chet Huntley commented on one of those times. I'll let him have the last word.


Colleen said...

Wow. Right on, Chet. (P.S. You said the F word, France. Doesn't matter if you personally have friends in foreign countries who are perfectly happy with their socialized health care, naysayers have their talking points against it.)

Anonymous said...

I think one big thing you are missing from the video you posted from is that there WAS civil conversation going on between two people on opposite sides of the fence when it came to health care. BOTH of these people (for and against) were told NOT to speak by the cop, with their 1st amendment rights being trampled.

Say what you may about your views and opinions on health care, but you can you really tell me that it's ok for this kind of thing to happen in order to get healthcare passed? In fact, you should be appalled by this becuase it is the 1st Amendment that gives you the freedom to have your blog and speak up FOR health care reform that you want.

BTW: The man in the video, who is FOR the health care reform bill and was there that day for that reason, also posted a recount of what happened. It might be a good idea to get both sides of the story before you slant your blog post against the person who took the original video as being accusatory.

Here is a link to his recount of the day. And yes, he was just as frustrated with the event as the person who took the video.

The Mighty Favog said...

You miss the point I was making. Conservatives luuuuuuuv to accuse the "liberal mainstream media" of distorting reality and only showing part of the picture.

Here we have a "what really happened" video from -- of course -- a conservative that only shows sweetness-and-light interactions and none of the "Birther" ugliness reported by The Advocate.

If all we see is the video's version of the truth, it looks like rights were trampled upon. If we had a video version of everything that was going on -- and the context of everything that was going on -- I'll bet it would look a lot more like the cops were scared sh*tless about what might happen if those two camps had sustained, close contact with one another.

Contrary to popular opinion down there, it ain't just leftist black folk what put the "mau" in mau mau.