Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Drudge calling the Franken weird

Matt Drudge thinks Minnesotans have elected Stuart Smalley to the U.S. Senate. Or maybe Drudge thinks Al Franken is good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like him.

Or -- most likely -- the conservative Drudge just wants to make fun of the liberal Democrat who used to play Smalley on Saturday Night Live.

But the thing is . . . Stuart Smalley was a character played by a professional comedian, and we were supposed to laugh at him.

Matt Drudge, on the other hand, is a persona -- a really bad knockoff of Cary Grant in "The Front Page," actually -- trying to pass himself off as a journalist. I'm not sure, but I think he thinks we're not supposed to laugh at him.

Not that it's stopping us.

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Minnesota Central said...

No surprise that DRUDGE would take an uneducated and cheap shot at Franken. He will the “Star Attraction” in GOP fundraisers … better get use to it. During the campaign the RNC ran such distorted commercials that forced Coleman to call a halt to “negative ads”.
The commercials were effective as in assessing the election, it would be better to call Franken a “survivor” than a victor in the contest.
My evaluation of the election is that after Coleman’s TARP vote, enough fiscal conservatives agreed that Franken would be no worse than Coleman and voted for third-party candidate Dean Barkley. (Note 63,209 McCain voters did not vote for Coleman. Coleman did not lose by a narrow 312 votes, he got hammered with 58% voting against him.)
The message is clear … they are willing to sacrifice a RINO to send a message … and in Franken, they got a “name” that will generate money for the next 5-1/2 years. There are plenty of hardcore Republicans that are glad that Coleman is gone and Franken is just the “image” they want.
Franken’s job is simple .. he needs to get on the Sunday Talk Shows and discuss the issues … once people realize that he’s smart, the “comedian” persona will go away.