Thursday, July 09, 2009

If guns were illegal, only Iowa cops
could accidentally shoot each other

If Carter Lake, Iowa, didn't exist, somebody would have to invent it.

Oh, wait. . . .

ACCORDING to the Omaha World-Herald, Barney Fife not only lives, somebody put him in charge:
A Carter Lake police sergeant was wounded Wednesday by his chief.

Authorities are investigating how, as a city press release explained, Police Chief Shawn Kannedy fired a weapon inside the Police Department offices that hit Sgt. Dan Driver.

Kannedy, Driver and a third officer had been discussing firearms when the chief accidentally discharged one, according to the city release.

Pottawattamie County Sheriff Jeff Danker, whose office is investigating, said the sergeant appeared to have been shot accidentally in the lower torso, beneath his bulletproof vest.

Danker said that the gun may have malfunctioned, but many details about the shooting remain unclear.

Reached by telephone late Wednesday, Kannedy declined to comment about what happened.

UPON FURTHER REVIEW, I take back what I said about Carter Lake. The Iowa town ain't like the fictional Mayberry, N.C., a-tall.

Mayberry didn't have a big strip club on the main drag. And Barney Fife never chased a speeding car into Mount Pilot, then got himself charged with assault for tasing and beating the crap out of one of the occupants in a Kwik-E Mart.

And, finally, ol' Barn's gun never went off when it was actually pointed at someone. Because even he knew that "you never, never, never point a gun at anything if you don't intend to shoot."

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