Wednesday, September 15, 2010

GOP belles party like it's 1862

How do Republican women pass a good time when they have their national convention in Charleston, S.C.?

Oh, something along the lines of a Kappa Alpha nightmare at a Southern college. Only when I was a student at LSU, I don't remember hearing that the frat-boy Old South devotees actually stooped to hiring "happy darkie" minstrels for any of their ridiculous Lost Cause formals.

Then again, I could have missed something. The Republican belles of Charleston, however, didn't miss a thing.

By "miss a thing," I mean miss a single opportunity to be as clueless and offensive as humanly possible.

The National Federation of Republican Women called the social event "The Southern Experience," according to South Caroline political website The rest of the country calls it
"What the hell were you thinking?"

OBVIOUSLY, they were thinking it's 1862. And that they used to be Democrats . . . before they seceded and declared war on the United States.

Because they wanted to defend their "peculiar institution."

Which would be slavery.

That unavoidably adds a certain ominous je ne sais quoi to what NFRW President Sue Lynch (no, really . . . you can't make this stuff up) said in the call for its national meet:
This Fall Board Meeting has an exciting agenda. With election season upon us, it is vital that we continue to support Republican candidates who will bring our country back to the core values and principles that we hold dear. Let’s work together to Take Back America this November! We have already begun to see a shift in our direction, with outstanding and competitive primary races across the nation that prove that Americans are ready for a change.
This is our opportunity to regain control of the House and Senate, as well as important Governorships, and we are ready for the challenge! This Board Meeting will give us the opportunity to get focused and energized for the months ahead, and provide us the tools we need to be successful in November.

I welcome you to what will be a productive and exciting Board of Directors’ Meeting. This election cycle is critical, and we must take the tools and knowledge we gain here and use them to reach our goal — to Take Back America!
TAKE BACK America from whom? And taken back by whom?

That a major GOP organization will go down to the heart of the Confederacy and play along with Lost Cause homages to America's original sin -- a traditional "ode to evil" favored by a certain sort of in-denial Southerner -- makes those questions tragically pertinent.

Holy crap.

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