Monday, August 16, 2010

You have to break a few eggs. . . .

Call this post You Have to Break a Few Eggs to Make an Omelet, or . . . the history of my old school, Baton Rouge High, as seen through "the phone egg."

Above, we have the phone egg, and classmate Hardy Justice, as seen in the pages of the 1979 Fricassee.

THEN, the phone egg -- minus the pay phone -- as seen in the fall of 2007, when the school long had slipped into disrepair and dilapidation.

AND LAST WEEK . . . destroying the campus -- well, much of it, anyway -- in order to save it.

One thing they ought to save, at least, is the phone egg. And when the new gymnasium rises from the rubble of the past, they ought to refurbish the "egg," put a '70s vintage pay phone in it (complete with nickel phone calls) and place it next to an entrance.

Because the past is part of all our futures.

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Miley said...

I found your blog while trying (in vain) to find more information on the artwork found in the foyer... and I agree about the phone egg. I am sure nobody saved it but gosh. I can't tell you how many times I used that phone in the late 90's. Sometimes because I actually needed it... and sometimes because my friend told me to call "1-800-fat-lady" just to see what it said :D