Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bekuz stoopidetee haz wurked owt gud sow for

Watched the video about planning for $74 million more in cuts to LSU?

Good. Now see this, which ran in Friday's edition of The Advocate:
Continued state budget cuts to education will soon make Louisiana resemble a Third World country, college leaders said Thursday.

The leaders made the comments at a League of Women Voters of Baton Rouge sponsored event, which focused on the long-term impacts of budget cuts on higher education.

State college officials talked about unity in the face of funding reductions and political interference.

“When times are good, invest in higher education,” LSU Chancellor Michael Martin said. “When times are bad, redouble those efforts.

“We are very much at risk of turning the higher education system in this state into one that serves a Third World country, not a First World,” Martin continued.

Higher education has suffered more than $270 million in budget cuts the past 20 months because of reduced state revenues. The ongoing fear of college officials is the so-called “cliff” year next summer when $290 million in federal stimulus dollars keeping colleges afloat will dry up.

“It won’t be recoverable in any of our lifetimes,” Martin said of the potential impact of the “cliff.”
ONCE AGAIN, we see a bunch of academics peering into the maw of abject hopelessness and still trying to look on the bright side.

No, that's not meant to be snarky. See, they think Louisiana is
going to become Third World. As in "isn't there yet."

Cockeyed optimists, all.

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