Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why are you so warped, Favog?

You'd be warped, too, if you watched this guy on television for 25 years.

This is Price LeBlanc. He sold cars around Baton Rouge for decades, and his kids still do today.

And this was his shtick.

I remember this shtick from when he was doing it standing next to a 1970s AMC or Chrysler in front of a curtain in the Channel 9 studios. And I remember it from when he was doing it in a car lot full of Toyotas.

Hell, I remember him walking into the Cotton Club, a watering hole and seafood joint just north of LSU, and nobody letting him leave until he said "Dahlin'!"

This probably not only explains a lot about the mental instability of your humble blogger, but also about the place that spawned him.

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Jackx2 said...

Thank you for using one of my uploaded videos for commentary. I have plenty of other Baton Rouge ads, vintage and current, on my YouTube profile (jackx2) for your interest and's amazing how silly some of these are, but, suprisingly, today, Price LeBlanc's are tamer compared to some of the wackier ones in the city (ie. Dixieland Sports and Imports on Florida Blvd.). I also submitted many from the 1970s and 1980s I found on a videotape at a local thrift store. Thanks again for your interest, and I do enjoy looking at your commentary on the Red Stick!