Thursday, November 12, 2009

The unifying theory of Favog

Here's another installment in an occasional series -- understanding your Mighty Favog and what makes him tick.

A lot of it revolves around the accident of his birth among eccentric people in an eccentric place . . . the Gret Stet of Louisiana. More of it revolves around the simple fact that none of the video above is particularly eccentric in the Gret Stet of Louisiana.

UNLESS, of course, you live in Bogalusa. But then again, if you live in those parts, you have your own problems.

Like the Spears family up the road in Kentwood.

Come on y'all, Britney didn't come from nowhere! And I'll bet that some 30 years on, a certain onetime Louisiana National Guardsman from Washington Parish is ruing the day he called New Orleans weird.

NO, ABOUT ALL you need to know about your Mighty Favog is that he finds nothing in the above WWL-TV party tape unusual in the least. But he does find it hilarious.

And he bets not many folks at Channel 4 messed with noon anchor/ace reporter Bill Elder back in the day, God rest his soul.

OH . . . and as an added bonus, here's a bit of the late, great Hap Glaudi doing the sports on WWL way back when. I still miss watching Hap when we were out at the camp and could pull in Channel 4 -- and I miss hearing people pronounce the city's name Noo Oylyuns.

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