Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Jesus saves; PACs don't

This conversion of a Planned Parenthood director in Texas was not brought to you by the Republican Party, nasty placards sold by the American Life League . . . or by anybody's political-action committee.

Lawyers did not rack up any billable hours.

Nary a vote was taken.

THIS CONVERSION of a Planned Parenthood director in Texas was brought to you by the Holy Spirit working through some pro-life folks down the street. Folks who looked at a Planned Parenthood director and saw a child of God in trouble and in need of friendship.

Planned Parenthood -- lacking any ideas on any better response to the Almighty -- got some lawyers and went to court. It wouldn't shock me if those committed to a better culture through flush political-action committees lawyered up, too, in a bid to put God back in His proper place as the Religious Right's mascot.

After all, when that ol' boy starts freelancing like He did in Bryan, Texas, last month, that can be nothing but bad for bidness. Everybody's bidness.

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