Monday, November 09, 2009

Tea-bag right wants to 'stir fry' Cao

For New Orleans' congressman, Anh "Joseph" Cao, the easy vote was "yes" on the House health-care reform bill.

But the easier vote for the Vietnamese-American Republican might have been against "socialized medicine" and for the fat cats demanding Stalinist uniformity within GOP ranks. That's because Cao likely will find himself booted out of office by his mostly black, overwhelmingly Democrat constituency, no matter what.

If that's the case, there's no percentage in hacking off your party masters, who could find you a nice patronage setup befitting a former member of Congress.

NEVERTHELESS, the diminutive Republican decided -- with the abortion issue removed as a matter for conscientious objection on pro-life grounds -- to vote the interests of his health coverage-deprived constituents . . . the ones unlikely to return him to Congress next year.

And boy are the Republicans mad. Some hardly can wait to make good on GOP chair Michael Steele's threat to "come after" representatives not hewing the party line.

Of course, some members of Louisiana's predictably barbarian GOP base are resorting to ethnic slurs to make the "Obama-lover" pay. The Dead Pelican is reporting on the early stages of just that:

Republican voters were irate Saturday about Congresman Joseph Cao casting the lone Republican vote for what has come to be known as "Obamacare." The backlash became quickly apparent after Cao cast the fateful vote.

Mere moments after casting the vote, DEAD PELICAN received the above photo from DEAD PELICAN reader Adrian Guillory.

He calls the photo "Joseph Cao: American Sellout."

When asked what his message to Cao was, Guillory simply said "BYE, BYE, CAO!!! You're gong to be deep-fried and stir-fried in 2010!"

The photo is highlighted in an ominous shade of red, and the "O" in "Cao" is highlighted with the insignia from President Obama's campaign literature. The photo conveys Republican outrage, suggesting that Cao is "in the tank" for Obama.

HOW DID the guy not manage to use the phrase "chop chop"? Or suggest that Cao might be closet Viet Cong?

Oh, damn. There I go again, giving ideas to people who rarely have them naturally.

And then there's this, from some tea-party hothead in Orange County, Calif.:
This traitor needs to go. The GOP needs to quit funding the campaigns of RINOS such as him. I find it interesting that one twitterer who responded to a tweet that I posted advocating that he needs to be voted out responded with "Unfortunately he is as conservative as we are getting in that district." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" ABSOLUTELY NOT! The time for compromise is over. We need to raise up true red blooded conservatives all across the nation that will run to unseat RINOS who run on the coattails of our party and then support their own radical liberal agendas. Can you say Dede?

Are you mad as "HELL" yet? If not get off your apathetic arses and join in with the millions of conservative voices that will fight with every last breath to win back our party and save the Country that we love from descending into the abbys of SOCIALISM.

We keep hearing politicians throw around terms such as this corporation or that institution is too big too fail. Americans let get this straight......AMERICA IS TOO BIG TO FAIL! We need to keep fighting. I for one will never give. Lets's send a message to Cao and his ilk....Votes have consequences so start packing!
"LETS'S" be careful about descending into the "abbys of SOCIALISM." If you mess with the wrong Abby -- if you start making wild accusations about her politics -- Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs just might have to cast you into some fresh criminal-justice abyss.

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