Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Anybody need some peppers?

And . . . that's a wrap.

The last of the peppers from the backyard garden.

WE BARELY DODGED an icy bullet when we had a freeze the other night. Now that we're supposed to have another freeze this week and snow (!) Sunday, today probably was as good a time as any to pick the rest of the peppers.

I think I'll get out there tomorrow and dig up the chives and pot them so we can keep harvesting them all winter. And harvest the green onions and last mess of greens out of the wheelbarrow.

But with this last massive pepper haul, I'm feeling rather like Forrest Gump's Army buddy Bubba did about shrimp. You got your raw peppers for salad, you got your pickled chili peppers for hot sauce, and you got fried peppers, roasted peppers, baked stuffed peppers, diced peppers for salsa, strip-cut peppers for dipping. . . .

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