Friday, October 16, 2009

The anonymity they deserve

See this?

This is the video I'm not showing you of Balloon Boy puking on the Today Show. It also is the stupid, crass and at times hateful "rap" video the obnoxious Heene boys and their flakeoid parents posted to YouTube -- and which I won't be showing you.

LIKEWISE, above are the Wife Swap clips featuring the Heenes that you don't need to see, and with which I will not bother you. Ditto the CNN clip of Falcon Heene saying -- when asked about his hiding in the attic when everyone thought he had floated away in the family flying saucer -- that "You had said that we did this for the show."

And, if you wish, imagine the black rectangle is video of what I'm sure will be a press conference by embarrassed sheriff's officials saying, no, the whole thing wasn't really a publicity stunt. They think. Maybe.

Or, you might imagine that the non-video is yet another clip of Richard Heene getting all outraged that people might think the worst of attention whores who put their kids in crass YouTube videos, post incessantly to TV "interactive" sites, subject themselves and their children to the likes of Wife Swap and otherwise spend their eccentric lives jumping up and down up and down up and down, screaming "HEY! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! DON'T YOU REALLY WANT TO LOOK AT ME?!?"

In a word . . . no.

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