Saturday, December 13, 2008

3 Chords & the Truth: There stands the glass

There stands the glass
hat will ease all my pain,
That will settle my brain,
It's my first one too-tay. . . .

-- Webb Pierce, 1953

OK, what the hell is too-tay?

Was Webb snortin' in addition to drinkin'? Or was too-tay to to-day as o-tay was to okay?

Folks want to know this stuff.

AT ANY RATE, ol' Webb was doin' some serious hurtin', which obviously required some serious drinkin'. Hey, I went to LSU . . . I can do this.

(Later that day)

Why are you perspiring so loudly? Got any aspirin?

On the other hand, I forgot why I was miserable. Oh . . . wait. Damn.

While I go mix myself some bicarbonate of soda, try giving 3 Chords & the Truth a listen too-tay. We got us some drankin' songs, and some soberin' up songs, too. That, and a whole lot of other stuff that you should find as tasty as Jack on the rocks.

In moderation, one would hope. Trust me on this.

It's the Big Show, the lynchpin of the Revolution 21 universe. I think you'll love it.

Be there. Aloha.

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