Monday, December 01, 2008

More 'idiodic' stuff from the alternative press

Control Alt Delete is no defense from the dead-tree version of the Omaha City Weekly.

Nor from some of the "idiodic" things therein.

DO WE REALLY need to learn about some staffer's idiod (the root of "idiodic," one presumes?) friend "Jorge" who ran out of gas returning home from an overnight "booty call"? Really?

If the City Weekly's editors think so, what's more frightening? That that's what the alternative rag's poobahs think of their readers, or that they might be absolutely correct in gauging the readership's fascination with "booty calls" gone wrong?

Apparently, we have drifted into the realm of "anticulture," which is defined as a society collectively thinking with organs other than the brain. I believe Rene Descartes first described this when he famously said, "I climax, therefore I am."

Or something like that.

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