Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ve haff veys to deal vith Christianists

I cannot and will not vote for Barack Obama. I cannot and will not vote for a candidate as devoted to abortion -- indeed, infanticide -- as the junior senator from Illinois and his "nutroot" enthusiasts.

On the other side of the political coin, my default position is that I also will not vote for the Party of Unrelenting War, Torture and Social Darwinism . . . and its latest shill for neoconservative geopolitical madness, Sen. John McCain.

At least that was my default position.

EVERY TIME I surf over to blogs such as Crunchy Con and read the latest ravings of Fourth Reich enthusiasts for the Democratic ticket -- stuff like this below -- it makes it just a little more likely that I might hold my nose, pray for the best and vote McCain-Palin:

If Sarah Palin crashes and burns this campaign season, it will be a pity for many reasons, not least because we will no longer have the opportunity to read clarifying missives like the one Mark Steyn received today from a reader in Washington state:
This abortion prohibitionist hag won't cut it among women with brains. And BTW she is a good example of reproduction run amok. 5 kids; 1 retard. I wonder if the bitch ever heard of getting spayed.
AND THE SOLE REASON I would vote for a party I otherwise loathe would be to spite Nazi monsters like Mark Steyn's correspondent in Washington state.

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T. Wong said...

Here is why you should think further. You and others' individual efforts can and often do make a difference in the abortion issue. Giving support to mothers with unplanned pregnancies often convinces them not to abort their babies.

On the other hand, our individual efforts have virtually no affect on decisions regarding waging war and the death penalty, two things that are decidedly NOT pro-life.

By depending upon the law to stop abortions, you pray to a false god. Having practiced law for 19 years and continuing to do so, I can tell you that the law is good at regulating some things, not good at all at others.

What do you think would happen if the law were to ban adultery? Probably about the same as prohibition.

Making abortions illegal will not solve your problems any more than prohibiting divorce would. It will not solve the underlying problems.

Resolving issues of poverty, eliminating a tax system that penalizes marriages and does not particularly encourage child-rearing, ensuring that those working can earn a living wage (including access to healthcare), helping mothers with young children to continue to get education and training-- that will do more to discourage abortion than any criminal statute ever will.

As a fellow Catholic and one that is opposed to abortion, I admire your passionate anti-abortion stance. However, I question whether focusing on legal/criminal law solutions to this abomination is really all that pro-life.

The Mighty Favog said...

Your argument is, in some respects, the argument I've been making for a while now.

However . . . with the Obama campaign putting abortion front-and-center as an issue to combat Sarah Palin . . . and with Obamaniacs stooping to Hitlerian levels of rhetoric in their mass Palin freakout, I cannot in conscience fill in the oval for Obama-Biden.

At any rate, his economic policies are basically Republican Lite, and his foreign policy proposals (especially re: Russia) are only slightly less stridently neocon than McCain's wingnuttery.

I absolutely despair over this election. We are screwed one way or another.

What's happening is America is trying to hold onto an empire, even though the effort will destroy us. Somebody's going to do something stupid in Iran -- either us or the Israelis -- and we'll find out how precarious is our position.

The hard way.

My outrage at the Nazi wing of the Democratic Party, however, only raises my chance of voting McCain-Palin to the level of infinitesimal. I'll either vote for no one in the presidential race or write in Harry S Truman.

T. Wong said...

Okay, your point is well-made, and I truly respect it greatly. Obama is out front saying "I'll protect Roe v. Wade and assure that abortion is legal and available." That's about as close as anyone can come to promoting abortion. I DO have a problem with that.

I find myself on the horns of an abominable dilemma.

I have a son that is almost 17. Another that is 5. Yeah, I know-- we don't have a draft. They can avoid military service as things are now.

However, continued military adventurism may not give them a choice in the future. Not only that, the "culture of death" that warring and a fascist (there, I said it) government promotes could encourage them to volunteer despite my best and most vehement efforts to the contrary.

On the other hand (horn), I truly understand our calling as Catholics to help the most vulnerable in our society. The unborn are the best example.

Then there is the whole issue of how far I want the government to get involved with issues that involve my family and are moral and spiritual in nature. Believe me, the government and the legal system us a different metric in deciding these issues than a Catholic would.

Yes, that whole line of thinking is based upon the slippery slope fallacy, but just because you think people are out to get you doesn't mean they aren't.

So I have to hold my nose and punch the dems' button. Now lets turn on the tv and hear more empty platitudes from both sides.

The Mighty Favog said...

See, even with the demonic-left Obamaniacs out there spewing the worst kind of hatred at The Other, I think I might could make myself reluctantly vote for Obama if only his stated foreign-policy proposals were substantively different from the GOP, neo-fascist, neocon, Endless War for Oil and Empire party line.

But they're not. They're kind of like Ideological Revolutionary for Violent Dissemination of the American Way Lite.

And Obama's position re: Russia is just as insane and just as likely to put us on a collision course with a great power. And over what?

Stuff that rightly is none of our business under any conception of rational geopolitcal thinking. This Georgia and Ukraine malarkey certainly can't be justified under "realpolitik."

Those places are just as much a part of the Russian sphere of influence as the Americas are to us by virtue of the Monroe Doctrine.

We almost fought a nuclear war over that principle . . . when the shoe was on the other foot.

Furthermore, Russia can screw us six ways from Sunday concerning Iran, and we seem to have no realization of that fact. Me, if I'm Vlad Putin, Iran already has the best air-defense system I can sell the mullahs.

And the most advanced torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

Sink a carrier in the Straits of Hormuz and generally make the waterway impassable, then blow up some Saudi oilfields and it's game, set and match. The U.S. and Western Europe are dead ducks.

Of course, Leviathan in his death spasms would obliterate Iran in the end . . . but that's to my advantage, too, if I'm Putin. The mullahs will take out Uncle Sam as an empire-building power but will then be wiped out and pose no subsequent threat to me.

And all I have to do is sit back, watch, make concerned noises about the tragedy of it all, and then sell my oil and natural gas at truly obscene prices.

McCain is dumb enough to walk right into that trap. And so is Obama.

If Obama were any smarter than the Fascist War Party, perhaps I would be able to vote for him despite the abortion thing because avoiding such a foreign-policy calamity might be "proportionate reason" enough.

But that's not going to happen now.

It's amazing what idiots are at the helm of the Democratic Party. If they were merely neutral on abortion and other culture-war issues, there would never be another Republican elected to national office.

Unbelieveable. But it shows you where these folks' priorities lie.

Husker Mike said...

The whole abortion argument is now a non-starter for me... it's been going back and forth for 35 years or more. People vote for the GOP hoping to change things, and nothing changes with respect to abortion. Meanwhile, all sorts of other horrors break out instead. Abortion has become merely a litmus test that merely allows Republicans to check a box on their positions without changing anything.

That being said, I'm dismayed that a candidate who talks about change and dropping the old politics is now campaigning primarily on this old issue. His whole appeal was that we were going to move beyond these old divisive arguments and start trying to find solutions outside of the ideological factions. But now Obama is becoming the candidate he campaigned against, which is most disappointing.

Anonymous said...

This abortion issue leaves me confused and angry. I think it will only make young girls go to some back-ally butchers and most likely die (yes, even the most religious and wholesome among us make "mistakes") in an emergency room. The last thing we need is to throw out the whole Roe vs Wade law. It is not something we should be leaving to politicians or activist judges. We kill actual people by the thousands in wars, in prisons, by starvation and poverty while nobody bats an eye. We need to accept that we don't have very good judgement as individuals, and as a society we're basically psychotic!