Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This is why you evacuate

These government before-Ike and after-Ike pictures of Texas' Bolivar Peninsula is why you get the hell out of Dodge when The Man says "Get the hell out of Dodge."

As anyone in south Louisiana will tell you -- well, anyone but the really stupid and the really foolish -- you don't mess around with hurricanes. Hurricanes have lots of ways they can kill you.

And they have lots more ways they can kill you if you do something stupid. Like stay on the coast when one's aimed at you.

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Anonymous said...

We live near Lafayette, LA. In years past, it seemed that we were fairly safe in terms of riding out the storms... but with erosion and landloss, the gulf is creeping closer than ever to our backyard. When we're told that it's time to go...we go