Thursday, April 12, 2007

Head buffoon says shut the hell up

From WWL television in New Orleans:

New Orleans Executive Director of Recovery Ed Blakely needs to stick to business and drop his commentary, Mayor Ray Nagin said Thursday.

The mayor said he’d talked to Blakely about interviews he made while out of town regarding the city’s recovery.
Recently, Blakely was quoted in the ‘New York Times’ as saying the city's racial factions were akin to “Shiites and Sunnis,” and later said that newcomers to New Orleans would be impatient with "local buffoons."

IN OTHER WORDS, an unexpected outbreak of truth-telling has really pissed off the buffoon in chief, because the truth is not a pro-administration proposition. And truth-telling about buffoons by Ed Blakely, an employee of the buffoon-administered Chocolate City government, is tantamount to treason.

And even buffoons like Willie Ray Nagin know that treason in service of a functioning civic society is bad . . . for them.

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