Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lullaby for the working class

Dear Democrats:

No matter what asshats Republican politicians might be (and they are), ordinary Americans still hate you worse. This is Tuesday's lesson from the Wisconsin recalls . . . and from numerous other elections across America the past four decades.

I have opinions on why this is.

One, you hate Joe Six-Pack just as much as the GOP pols, basically. You'll go to the wall for the eugenicist swells of Planned Parenthood in ways you'd never consider going to the wall on behalf of -- for lack of a better word -- the proletariat.

In a world of political priorities, you know and I know that you think it's more important to abort babies (many of them poor and brown) than it is to fight like hell for jobs, education, social services and basic f***ing human dignity for the poor, working and middle classes. Many of these people can't articulate it that way, but they know it just the same.

And this is why so many of them either stay home on Election Day or go out and vote against their own economic and class interests by filling in the oval or pulling the lever for tea-party nutwagons, bomb-throwers and (oftentimes) your average, modern-day "conservative" protofascist.

This is the lesson from Recall Tuesday in Wisconsin. No matter how outrageous the GOP's sins against the poor and working class, regular folk think their chances are better going with their enemies than with their "friends."

Good luck with that paradigm in 2012, Democrats. And God help us all.

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Catalyst4Change said...

Awesome, James. Current political philosophy indeed needs a new paradigm. How about a revival of Deism? Make it based on Secular Humanism with the Jeffersonian "Nature's God" from the DOI to counteract the "athiest" jabs sure to follow. Make it hip via the web and apps, getting the the Gen Z to take notice. Promote for a more informed public and a patriotism that is more literate rather than literal. The kids now may be entitled and narcissitic, but so were we Gen X'ers, then Reaganomics came and turned most into political zombies seduced by greed and status. We cannot let another generation fall that same way. They are expecting a change in 2012 so we need to give them one, but not the doomsday one they expect.