Sunday, February 06, 2011

Simply '70s: The fascist regime strikes back

This must have been from 1978, this Today show report by Jack Perkins on NBC. The Sex Pistols were embarking on their first American tour, amid copious Establishment wailing and cultural gnashing of teeth.

My God, what if they cursed on stage? Spat on the audience? Trashed a hotel room?

Next thing you know, they'd be shooting the telly. What? Elvis did that years before?


STILL, THE ADULT self, some 33 years removed from his teenage hormones, suspects that Establishment Jack was pretty much on target. The Pistols were boorish, dissipated louts of limited technical ability who probably did coarsen the culture, for what that's worth anymore.

I know this; you know this. Jack Perkins certainly knew this, and wasn't shy about telling his horrified TV audience -- the one sitting at the breakfast table putting a little nip of something in the morning coffee, smoking cigarettes and plotting out how to screw that little s*** at the office.

And then that young little thing after work, being that the missus was visiting the mother-in-law.

In your heart, you know I'm right. Somewhere in my cynical, cynical heart, I know Perkins was right.

THAT SAID, how about we throw the old fascist out of a moving limo on the way to the show?

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(c)2014 Richard L. Kent, Esq. (MichiganSilverback at gmail dot com) said...

Just remember, at least the old ph*rt had the sense to wait until the wife was at the mother in laws. These days? Who'd bother?

Seriously, the "greatest generation" was a bunch of hypocrites... instead of being a bunch of in your face barbarians who don't even comprehend the depth of their own barbarism. And frankly, after what THEY went through as young men, I'll grant them their foibles.

At least they saved the world before they jumped the secretary (something that has happened since the first secretary was hired). Today's barbarians can't even claim that, 99% of them anyway.