Thursday, February 03, 2011

Beware Idol dreams. They may come true.

It's not amazing that Omaha boy Tim Halperin made it to Hollywood on American Idol -- I'm sure the audition for Westside High School's Amazing Technicolor Show Choir was a more arduous affair.

No, really. I've seen ATSC in action. It's, like, the real-life

What will be truly amazing is if young Mr. Halperin survives Idol's relentless campaign to hammer round pegs into square prime-time holes in one artistic piece.

THE KID obviously has talent, and the kid probably could have a nice career in front of him.

But what the kid has to fear is the giant American Idolizer machine that could turn him into the next big star like that blue-eyed soul guy from a few years back who we never saw again and whose name I can't remember, who last was seen playing an Indian-casino ballroom somewhere in flyover country.

Tune in next week.

Oh, wait. I remembered the guy's name. Taylor Hicks.

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