Friday, July 16, 2010

Un cri du coeur en Louisiane

God bless her heart, but the Rush Limbaughs of the world are going to savage poor Cherri Foytlin of Rayne, La.

For that matter, the "progressive" Democrats are, too, because her husband is politically incorrect enough to make his living -- scratch that . . . to have made his living -- as an ordinary working stiff in the oil industry.

In America 2.0, people are supposed to
like it when they get screwed over and, as a result, face financial ruin. Because they're taking one for the great god capitalism and "rugged individualism" . . . or environmentalism . . . or something like that. I forget.

What I think is this: If Obama is going to dither and jaw, foul up the oil cleanup, then -- to top it off -- try to kill the domestic oil industry in the Gulf, he damned well ought to have to face the consequences of his actions like a man. And then do something about it.

Poor Cherri, she believed in the system. Cynicism is something best eased into, as opposed to having it foisted upon you all at once.

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