Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not safe for work . . . or most places

This is what social activism has come to in a country with the manners of Attila and the mind of Forrest Gump.

Where every single person is on the make.

And, no, this online ad
(as you no doubt can tell from the title) is not safe for work. Or for in front of the kids. Or for most places where people might be offended by a 5-year-old dropping the F-bomb.

I MEAN, that is just so fu . . . well, you know.

But, hey! A whopping five bucks out of the $13 price of every T-shirt goes to a charity devoted to "unf***ing the Gulf." And people get to go online and vote on what charities to fund.

They'll probably end up funding free prostitutes for oil-spill cleanup workers. Somehow, that would be fitting . . . or at least in character for this fine example of Social Activism for Loutish Dummies.

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Russell W. said...

I think BP is behind this ... a calculated scheme to cast a bad light on those who really want to unfu-, er, um, I mean, desire justice.

But I'm fooling myself. This IS the "new social activism." Uhmerica, circa 2010. And having watched Idiocracy the other night when it was on TV ... well, we're that much closer to that society Mike Judge portrayed.