Friday, March 19, 2010

Everybody has a talent

Everybody is good at something.

This is the particular talent of my little buddy Scout. He is my dog; I am his deity. He got the worse deal.

Anyway, Scout is an excellent sleeper, and he does more than a passable job at snoring, too.

Just thought you ought to know.


Nick said...

My dog is also good at sleeping. He loves sleeping even more then food!

nettiemac said...

Mine is too.... I want his life. Wake up. Go to other room. Go back to sleep. Stretch a bit. Heave a big sigh. Wait on humans to get in gear and FEED ME. Eat. Get up and scratch a bit. Scratch more. Lick myself in various places. Stretch. Go back to sleep. Repeat multiple times. Finally, go to sleep. Wait on last human to decide to go to bed. Go to my own bed. Sleep more.