Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's ruff being a writer nowadays

Used to be you had to be able to read and write to get a book deal.

Sky News
reports times have changed:
His remarkable journey to the White House has already captivated a global audience and now he will star in his own children's book.

Barack Obama gets a walk-on part, but it is his new best friend Bo who has been given the central role in his own shaggy dog story.

The book Bo, America's Commander In Leash will be released next week, despite the Portuguese water dog being barely days into his role as First Puppy.

Mascot Books, a small independent publisher from Virginia, has rushed out the title to capitalise on the world media coverage of the Presidential family's new pet.
LET'S HOPE BO doesn't piddle on Jay Leno's couch during the book tour.

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