Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Barack the (almost) Lightworker

From YouTube:

Barack Obama risks lightning and thunder during his speech at Widener University in Chester PA. It was a rainy and cold morning but 9000 people still stuck around to listen to what he had to say in his "closing speech".

Media please credit: Chris Barrett & Xtian Bretz

TV outlets: To License the footage please contact chris(at)powerhousepictures.com

Check out my book Direct Your Own Life ( http://www.directyourownlife.com ) and thanks for Xtian Bretz for noticing the strike ( http://www.xtian.tv )

TV OUTLETS: If you are so desperate for content that you will license totally unremarkable junk for real money during recessionary times, call me instead.

Really, all you have here is shaky footage of a presidential candidate without sense enough to come in out of a thunderstorm. Then again, if the fool had gotten lit up by a lightning bolt, it would have given a whole new meaning to "lightworker."

But he didn't. So . . . feh!

ANYWAY, if you need some real footage, the Mighty Favog and Revolution 21 stand ready to help!

For a low, low price, I am prepared to offer for immediate national release (network or cable) previously unseen video of Molly the Dog going "Woowoowooooooooooooooooo!" really cute with her beloved sock in her mouth.

Now, that's some good television.

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