Thursday, April 25, 2013

Café à l'orange

I love me some Community coffee, the Louisiana brew I grew up drinking.
Lots. Lotslotslots. Drinking lots. Lots. The coffee I grew up drinking lots of.
I also love me some Clementines. So one day after eating me some Clementines -- but right before I was about to make me a pot of coffee -- I got to thinking.
What if. . . ?
Hell, what could it hurt?
In went some orange peel into the bottom  of our old French-drip pot. And then a little piece went atop the coffee grounds.
The effect on the brewed pot of Community was subtle, but right tasty.
Give it a try, especially if you're fond, as I am, of making your coffee the old-fashioned -- translate as "best" -- way.
Tonnaire! Ça c'est bon, oui!

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