Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Get on the stick

Hidey ho, neighbors!

Welcome to the Iowa State Fair!

Here, food comes on a stick. Even food that wouldn't seem to be particularly stick-friendly.

I'm guessing PBJ on a stick is heavy on the PB and light on the J.

In Iowa, even salad dressing and juice come on a stick.

Not to mention origami.

Look, even Cajun "cheeze" comes on a stick, cher. I think Cajun cheeze must be cheeze that you roll around in "garlik" and "kayenne" pepper and call it "Cajun" -- a
nd "cheeze."

I wonder whether "cheeze" is to cheese what "krab" is to crab.

But if you think "cheeze" on a stick might give you a heart attack on a stick, you certainly can opt for salad on a stick.

Or perhaps some fruit on a stick.

Or . . . you could just go for the original stick food.

I won't tell your cardiologist.

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