Wednesday, May 16, 2012

House of hi-fi

You may be a geek if you get really excited over winning this in an eBay auction.

I am a geek, because the 1960 Voice of Music tuner (with an add-on FM multiplex adapter for that newfangled "stereo" thing) is mine. Mine! Mine! Mine! Because a radio isn't a real radio without vacuum tubes and Conelrad markers at 640 and 1240 on the AM dial.

There's only one purchase that could make me happier.


But an opening bid of a little short of $1,000 is a lot more than a final purchase price of a little over $70. Champagne taste, etc., and so forth.

1 comment:

Russell W. said...

An early VM tuner *AND* a McIntosh?

On the same blog post??!!

I want both, dammit. Both.

"The choiiiiice for music is The Voiiiiice Of Music ..... Veeeeee-Emmmmmm!!"