Thursday, February 04, 2010

Find Uncle Lionel's bass drum!

An entry from the Offbeat magazine Facebook page, in an odd kind of way, demonstrates why there always must be a New Orleans.
Uncle Lionel [Batiste's] Black Bass Drum was stolen after Krewe de Vieux Saturday Night. Just talked to Uncle Lionel, we are looking for his BLACK Bass drum, not the yellow, it was stolen after Krewe Du Vieux outside the port o johns after parade by Elysian Fields and Decatur, some dude said he would watch while Uncle Lionel was in the port....came out they were both gone... He just told "I would rather lose all my women than this bass drum"....and he really appreciates all the concern. This should be enough info to know what hood the drums in, I know there are peeps out there who deal with "The Element" or know someone who does...REACH OUT NOW!!!! Any info call Jeff at 504-943-0743 or Jerry at 504-201-2202
GOD BLESS a city where an old black bass drum -- not the yellow -- is that important. That kind of soul just don't grow on no trees, Cap.

And whoever run off with Uncle Lionel's drum, I hope dey get dey azz kick good.

Oh . . . and look at the poster for this year's Jazz and Heritage Festival. It honors Louis Prima, and you want to know who painted such a gorgeous thing?

Tony Bennett.

That is so cool.

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