Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hangin' on the corner y Nueva Orleans

If you're so paranoid that you think la Migra is going to use a Category 4 hurricane as a "Roach Motel" for illegals, maybe you just ought to have spared yourself an ulcer and stayed the hell home.

The Associated Press explains how there are people in this world
who just might be too stupid to live:

Advocates have criticized the decision not to establish a shelter, warning that day laborers and the poorest residents will still fall through the cracks. As lines at bus stations kept building, about two dozen Hispanic men talked under oak trees near Claiborne Avenue, where on better days they would be waiting to be picked up for day labor.

They'd been listening to Spanish radio and television but none of them knew what to do and were waiting for someone to come by and tell them, said Pictor Soto, 44, of Peru. Told they could take a bus at Union Passenger Terminal, they all shook their heads, fearful that immigration agents would be looking for them. "The problem is, there will be immigration people there and we're all undocumented," Soto said.
REALLY, I THINK los federales have bigger things to worry about right now.

But if these undocumented workers don't get on those buses and do get caught on the streets after the mandatory evacuation -- and the curfew -- go into effect, I'm sure they'll be held somewhere safe until la Migra can get around to them.

Geez Luis.

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Anonymous said...

My biggest wonder, is how many people will "evacuate" and how many will simply stay put until the man comes to them to evacuate them.

I certainly hope people learned the lesson from Katrina that their lives are their OWN responsibility.

I pray that there are no casualties.

Do you still have family down there? If you do, I hope they stay safe and that they have no damage to their properties. Have a good Labor Day weekend.