Sunday, October 08, 2017

POTUS' poodle wouldn't know dignity from dog doo

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This is rich -- the veep splits a football game in a snit. A highly calculated snit.

Mike Pence doesn't know chicken shit from chicken salad . . . or dignity from dog doo. But he and his lunatic boss, Donald Trump, do know that the only political play they have is to keep the booboisie all riled up about anything but the administration's incompetence and criminality. Thus, the faux outrage and all the ragingly fake claptrap about players disrespecting "our soldiers, our flag and our national anthem."

What National Football Players and lots of others would like is for American cops to stop disrespecting minorities' lives and constitutional rights, and for politicians like Mad King Donald and his pet poodle Pencey to cease and desist their contempt of our intelligence and their constitutional oaths.

Oh. . . . For what it's worth, Donald Trump and Mike Pence haven't "dignified" any event they've ever attended. Quite the contrary, actually.

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