Friday, September 08, 2017

No papists need apply

Dear Democrats:

You will NEVER get rid of Donald Trump. Why? Because as truly apocalyptically awful as Trump is as president of the United States, millions of people who acknowledge that Trump is a vile, small-handed a**hole think you are worse.

Some of these millions are Catholics. You've done nothing to convince them otherwise. They think y'all would like nothing better than to put them in a gulag . . . because Catholic. That bigoted sentiment is not, alas, unprecedented in American history.

I voted for Hillary Clinton not because I disagree with that assessment of the Democratic zeitgeist -- frankly, I think many of you would like nothing better -- but because I concluded that Trump was the greater clear and present danger. I figured the SOB would get us all killed before you could get around to hounding me and mine from every aspect of public life and polite society.

You're bloody welcome, for all the good it did, given what a catastrophically bad candidate Hillary was and what an incoherent, elitist, crap pie of identity politics Democrats tried to pass off as a party platform.

I am a Catholic. I used to be a Democrat. Sometimes, I think, "Oh, what the hell -- I'm sick and tired of sitting out party primaries as a 'nonpartisan' voter." But I am not and will not be a Democrat for one simple reason.


And this.

You hate my f***ing guts. You hate my religion's guts. You hate the guts of lots of people I love and respect. For all I know, you hate God's guts, too. At least that's what it certainly looks like, and has looked like for a long time, now.

By the time you're putting judicial nominees through the wringer for no other reason than their religion -- something you wouldn't dare do with Muslims because you're cowardly in your bigotry -- you are getting just about as close to Mein Kampf land as the Trumpified Republican Party. Maybe closer.

Who knows? The stench coming from Washington these days is so terrible I don't dare get close enough for a better look.

You want to know what I and most other Catholics wouldn't do? Assert that Al Franken's or Dianne Feinstein's Judaism, or how much they actually believe in it, is a reason to doubt their fitness as United States Senators. They've given us other reasons to do that, frankly.

Likewise, I may or may not think Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a great Supreme Court justice (I tend to come down on the side of "Meh"), but it's not because she's Jewish. One might think someone by the name of Feinstein would be the last person to start writing people out of government service explicitly because of their religious faith. Then again, America's a pretty screwed-up place these days.

And even if you do somehow get rid of Trump -- and I suspect that will have a lot more to do with Robert Mueller or a thermonuclear apocalypse than it will Democrats in the House or Senate -- what follows won't be much better.

Particularly if it's one of you. And I say this as a liberal -- an old-fashioned Catholic liberal -- but not a "progressive," whatever the hell that might be.

Frankly, if Americans' choice lies between rule by white-supremacist fascist ideologues and ideological-supremacist Stalinists, it's tempting indeed to pull for The Bomb. At least it's quick.

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