Sunday, October 23, 2016

Because Twitter has no 'safe space'

The headline might go something like this:

Mizzou J-School's Tweet Overloads Its Ass

Somebody did some stomping at Faurot Field during Missouri's homecoming Saturday, but it wasn't the Tigers. It was Middle Tennessee State, 51-45.

And then the snotty tweet from a snotty school was snottily deleted by some snotty sore loser at the Missouri School of Journalism. But as the Chicago Tribune couldn't unprint that Dewey Defeats Truman front page in 1948, you can't really make a stupid tweet disappear -- because people know how to make screenshots, and Twitter never forgets.

Which brings us to the concept of virality on the Internet.

FROM SEC Country:
In case you missed it, the Tigers lost 51-45 on Saturday. Missouri allowed 589 yards of offense to the Blue Raiders, who held on to win the slugfest at Faurot Field.

The J-School account deleted the tweet shortly after the loss, which seems to be in poor form in the world of SEC smack talk. As the saying goes, if you’re going to dish it, you need to be able to stay on the receiving end as well.

The lesson here? J-School Twitter accounts probably shouldn’t be in the smack-talk business.

I'm guessing social media isn't the school's strong suit.

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