Thursday, September 01, 2016

Facts are for suckers, and reality is so passé

I just saw this "suggested" post on Facebook. Now any idiot can edit their memories with the click of a mouse.

To me, this really just sums up our present age -- reality doesn't suit us, doesn't recognize the sublime specialness that is Me . . . so we change it. We edit it. We make reality suit us.

The thing is, that's unreality. That is falsity. That is a baldfaced lie we're conning ourselves and others into believing is the truth. But that is us today. We pretend things are what we wish them to be, instead of what they demonstrably are. We are who -- and what -- we say we are, regardless of what the facts, science and your very eyes plainly tell you.

So what's changing all your cheesecakey vacation photos into versions of the "truth" that aren't? Indeed, "Forget about strangers & unwanted objects on your photos!" If we wish them not to be . . . they aren't!

USED TO BE that you physically -- like, with scissors -- cut that schmuck you used to be married to out of all your pictures. It was a pretty obvious process that left the truth out there on the periphery somewhere, but still perceivably there. Somewhere.

But with the joy of computerized fraudulence, the schmuck never existed! Yay, you! Your life choices just became 94-percent better with just a couple of clicks.

God help the historians of the 22nd century, trying to figure out who was who and what was what, circa 2016. They'll be just as in the dark as we are.

But they'll get to see how absolutely faaaaabulous you looked without any annoying people or things detracting from the view. Of you.

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